What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of the condition of a house. This is usually, but not always, connected to the sale of a home.

Home inspections result in an Inspection Report outlining the condition of the home as well as any recommendations. Home inspections are completed in over 90% of real estate transactions.

A home inspection usually includes examination of the foundation, basement, roof, attic and structure. Systems for heating, water, electrical and plumbing are also examined. A Home Inspector looks at construction practices and notes any repairs or maintenance that might be required. Most importantly, a Home Inspector also identifies safety issues that need to be addressed.


Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Kevin understands that a home inspection is about protecting your financial investment, you and your family. He provides solid information and consultation that will assist you in making one of your most important decisions.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

An Infrared camera makes surface temperatures visible. Heat loss or gain, moisture intrusion, water leaks and insulation issues can be located. Kevin includes Thermal Imaging in every home inspection.

Seller Home Inspections

Home sellers can benefit from a home inspection. Homes sell faster if they are inspected prior to being placed on the market. A home inspection will allow a seller to deal with items that can be ‘sticking points’ during the negotiation of a sale. Sellers can display a ‘Pre-Inspected Home’ sign on their lawn to show that they are organized and ready to sell.

For more information about the Seller Home Inspections, please click on the following link to watch my video.

New Home Warranty Inspections

Kevin can look at your newly built home and save you money before your New Home Warranty expires. Kevin will examine your home’s structure, mechanical and electrical systems to identify issues that can be covered by the warranty.

Renovation Inspections

You’ve watched those TV shows and know the nightmares that can arise from improper renovations. Kevin can assess a renovation job near completion to make sure everything is being done correctly - before you make that final payment.